• We are passionate about helping videos get discovered

    The internet is crowded.

    Four hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How do you stand out from the crowd and get seen? That is the problem Promolta solves.

    Essentially how it works is we take your YouTube video and push it out through our powerful network. We have over 10,000 blogs, websites, apps and social networks that will display your video to their real audience. Through Promolta, you can target by age, gender, location, and keywords.

    We focus on engagement. A view is when a real person watch minimum 30 seconds of your video. All displays are free. All clicks are free. All sharing on facebook/twitter is free. All analytics about performance are free. All views less than 30 seconds are free. Thus, you only pay when a real person watch minimum 30 seconds of your video.

    We look forward to providing you with the most effective video advertising solution.


    A video-obsessed serial entrepreneur, Vlad previously founded a social network and operated a chain of 5 retail stores. He believes video advertising should be enjoyable and engaging to the end viewer.


    Anjit oversees publisher relations and strategic partnerships. She previously was a director at KPMG and a vice president at Citigroup. Before that she was a venture capitalist at Cedar Street Group and an analyst at Priceline. Anjit believes video advertising should be transparent and viewer focused.

    Chaitanya Thota
    VP Of Engineering

    Chaitanya and his team develop powerful back end technologies to connect advertisers to the right audiences quickly. He believes video advertising should not be intrusive, but pleasant and entertaining.

    ACE VU

    Ace creates effective and beautiful designs to give advertisers an easy experience when using Promolta's products. Crazy and magical are the two words for our lead designer, who brings his vision for Promolta's image to life. Ace believes native video advertising is a powerful way to impact viewers.

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